Tia le Clercq

Tia le Clerc

There are two things that above all else I admire in design: Innovation and Collaboration. As designers we are part of such a multi-faceted industry that is so much larger than our own imagination. I feel that it is our responsibility to connect with our audience and fellow creatives by crafting something beautiful.

Throughout my degree I have discovered a passion for print design and branding. I want to share people’s stories with their audience with integrity and authenticity.

What was the reason you chose to study Visual Communications Design?

 Visual Communications incorporated my love for art making and my collaborative nature in a career that would always be changing and challenging my imagination.

What’s your next destination / place you want to visit?

I have always wanted to travel through South America. I want to experience culture, colours and cuisine that are so vastly different from what we have at our finger tips here in Australia.





Self Branding Design
Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries. Neville Brody

I wanted to create a simple introductory brand that would not only represent myself as a designer, but also provide a platform for the further development of my brand and design style in the years to come.




The Artful Business Conference, Hypothetical Rebrand
Where creative enthusiasm meets business sense.

The ‘ABC’ rebrand for the Artful Business Conference is built on the foundations of the interconnectedness between the business and creative industries in a collaborative network demonstrated in the geometrical emblem and clean design.





St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Hypothetical Rebrand

The advertisement is to promote St Jerome’s Laneway Music Festival.

The appeal was to convey the joyful vibe that comes from the celebration of music and creative arts with the bringing together a diverse range of people within a collaborative space.