Tegan Bakic

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My interest in visual communication design was sparked when I picked up my first issue of ‘Vogue’ at the age of sixteen. I had grown up immersed within the creative arts but never seriously considered a career path until I found myself wanting to learn all about the layouts and design elements that had captured my attention in my monthly indulgence of the magazine. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the creative fields within the design industry and discover a passion for infusing my digital designs with traditional art techniques. As an honours student I have focused on children’s book illustration in order to take the first step in developing a familiarity and level of skill within the discipline. I aim to study the role of picture books as a creative approach to dealing with bullying and produce an effective, visually exciting educational tool that young children would love.

Where are you heading from here as graduate of visual communication design?

Sydney. I wish to continue gaining experience within book illustration.

What’s your next destination/place you want to visit?

Cairns. There is nothing more visually thrilling than nature itself, so I’m sure to come back inspired.








Bullying is one of the greatest epidemics within today’s society. Acknowledging picture books as an innovative method to address the situation may empower a child to speak up about the issue and most importantly, offer hope. My aim has been to establish an effective, visually creative educational tool dealing with the theme of bullying.