Sarah Law

Sarah Law

I have strong interests in photography and graphic design; however, my greatest design skill lies in illustration.

What inspires you? What is your goal as a designer?

Inspiration comes from everywhere I go; but largely from watching and working with other creative minds. My goal as a designer is to produce visually innovative and creative ways to tell stories and connect with people.

Whilst studying design, what is the most significant thing you have learned?

The most significant thing I have learnt in design is that there is so much to learn! Everyone you meet has something to offer you; even after I graduate I will never stop being a student of design.




Law_Sarah_website_7This logo is a rebrand for Musos Corner. The purpose of this rebrand is to show that their products and services are modern and of a high quality. The negative space between the letters is a play on ‘Corner’ and the colours represent Newcastle, iconic for its surf and sun.




Immigration Detention Centres are a sensitive subject that is often linked to conversations concerning politics. The aim of this advertisement is to humanize the issue and in doing so to raise awareness of the mental health of children in immigration detention.




This project was in collaboration with Tia le Clercq and Madeline Ritchie. We developed the campaign ‘Immerse Yourself, See Australia’s Colours’ for a university assignment for Tourism Australia. These are a series of final edits I developed for the group.