Robyn Roach

Robyn Roach

My strongest skill is illustration and photo manipulation. I work between traditional and digital mediums to achieve my goal. Playing within the design, style, and layout of design is, I find, incredibly rewarding and informative. Learning a large range of skills has allowed my work to be versatile with different mediums, genres, and styles.

Having worked for 18 months with various clients creating designs to be printed and pressed for a disability support company, conceptualising and illustrating game graphics for the fourth year psych students cognitive training experiment, designing competitive sport posters and brochure programs, to retouching photographs for a local real estate, has developed my work as a student, and a designer.

Working outside of university has been rewarding, informative, and has taught me how to communicate and work within a team. I look forward to make my mark in the industry and working with more incredible designers creating something amazing.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I always wanted to be creative, to do creative projects. It’s something I’ve enjoyed to do as a hobby. With every new challenge, there is always something to learn.

While searching for the right degree, I found Visual Communication at Newcastle University. It offered everything that I wanted to learn and more. This degree has been one the best choices I have made in my life. I have grown as a creative as well as a professional.

Whilst studying design, what is the most significant thing you have learned?

Working with people. Learning to communicate, and work with others was one of the hardest skills to learn. After years of working by myself; this was a skill I lacked. Working within and outside of university as a designer showed how powerful teams can be.

This has been one of the best and most important thing I have learnt over the years. It has been far more rewarding and educational than learning and developing outside of a team.



Energy Info-graphic
The info-graphic shows information through illustrations of how energy drinks affect me while working on an assignment last minute. Showing the progressive nature of stress, adrenaline,
heart rate, and music volume levels. I restricted myself to two different colours but allowed variations of blending modes.

Experience Australia
Experience Australia was a group assignment that was to design posters for Australian Tourism. Rachel Marks, Brett Mcdonalds, and I, chose to show Australian idioms to attract young back-packers. My role in this project was to find a successful layout while keeping to the briefs restrictions


Business Card

My business card is a fun approach to my name. It was designed to show my design and illustration style. I chose to use a portrait format as it provided the perfect layout to showcase my strongest skill.



Hoodoo Voodoo Series

Hoodoo Voodoo is a poster series designed to compliment my business card illustration. The illustrations were inspired by T-Wei, an illustrator, and the movie ‘The Labyrinth’.