Robert York

Robert York

As you will see I am a pretty weird guy, not in a creepy guy kind of weird, but a “I can’t believe somebody would think of doing that” kind of weird.

I tend to try to constantly challenge myself in every design task I undertake. Mostly this involves finding out the absolute wrong way to do something, screaming out loud “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” and doing it in exactly the wrong way. This gives some interesting design thoughts and solutions. Whether it works or not I always have fun doing it!

 The design industry to me is a doorway to creativity, adventure, and constantly challenging myself. I cannot believe people will pay me for it!

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I decided upon a career in design after many attempts at other careers. I never felt challenged in them and soon lost interest. The best thing about design in my opinion is there is no right answer to a problem. I get a rush seeing how other designers have approached the same problem and seeing the myriad of solutions the human mind is capable of creating.








These images were made for a Photography Brief. They are a series of black and white posters created for a Japanese Punk Florist. Each has a floral arrangement made by myself and have been photographed in a studio. The words on each image are an emotion that matches the flowers.