Rachel Sarah Amanda Marks

Rachel Marks

Design for me is a communicator; it can convey messages, emotions, ideas and even manipulate. What I love is this diversity of voice, there are so many different options and ways that the same message can be said, and each of them differ in their visual language. Through my study of visual communication I have explored these languages and found that my passion lies in photography (particularly that of food) where light becomes your vocabulary.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

After studying Communications and majoring in Information Design I wanted to explore a career that would allow me to work creatively but also strengthen my own skills as a communicator in a visual medium. Data a visualisation was the first form of design that made me realise this passion.

How far do you travel each week to/from university (km)?

I commute for 9 hours a week, a one way trip is approximately 80km.







“Spring Sweets”

An exploration of food styling and photography using natural light. “Spring Sweets” was a collection of shots highlighting brightly coloured foods for children’s parties for a hypothetical food magazine.







SUSURRUS is a speculative mid to high range fashion brand that features strong geometric elements in warm and handmade aesthetic. Repeating patterns featured on all products are designed following the concept of stenography; hiding messages in plain sight. Each pattern contains a hidden message of a warm sentiment, or funny anecdote that can be discovered through the accompanying application.