Nadia Parkinson

Nadia Parkinson

Naturally creative, as well as a critical thinker, I have an interest in all creative disciplines but my passion is for illustration and printed media.

What was the reason for you to study Visual Communications?

Magazines, museums and art galleries inspired me to pursue a Bachelor of Visual Communications, and a career in Graphic Design.

What is your goal as a Designer?

My goal is to continually evolve my style, to keep my work fresh and in line with commercial trends. I work happily across a variety of visual mediums from traditional to digital content and am proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.


Take 3 Plastic Log Book:
An educational resource for Nippers involved with Surf Life Saving Clubs: Using the analogy of a Superhero character, Wave Man motivates people to Take Action, Take Responsibility and Take 3 for the Sea.



Natural Selection:
Unlike other shopping centres, Natural Selection’s primary focus is to reduce landfill by reusing existing packaging for their own products, and allows consumers to bring their own containers to
purchase items in bulk.



Anatomical Illustration:
Commissioned by a massage therapist who desired a series of traditional illustrations of the human muscular system in watercolour and pencil.