Megan Clarke

Meg Clarke

Graphic design has always been an interest of mine but it wasn’t until I started studying Visual Communication that it became a passion. Design presents so many opportunities to explore and experiment visually. I love the ability of design to convey messages and emotions through a visual means – whether it be an illustration, typography or a photograph. I have always had a passion for photography due to its ability to convey emotion through image, and through studying photography as part of my degree I have been able to build upon my photography skills and my portrayal of ideas through an image.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I have always wanted to have a career in the creative industry but I never knew what field I wanted to work in. Visual communication allows insight into many different fields of the creative industry so was the perfect degree to help me find my career path. Through my studies I have discovered my passion lies in graphic design and photography.

Where are you heading from here as a graduate of visual communication design?

After graduation I am going to travel for a while, then I will head to Brisbane or Melbourne where I would love to work in a graphic design or photography studio.





Live* Magazine

Live* is a hypothetical music magazine that showcases live music in the Hunter. I do a lot of gig photography and have always thought that a magazine is the perfect setting to get my photographs seen. The cover design uses one of my favourite gig photographs I have taken.






These postcards are from a series of photographs taken at cemeteries that celebrates life through death. Each different flower arrangement was placed on graves that are over 100 years old. They are representative of human nature and the intimate way we interact with history.





Coffee Guru Rebrand

This project is a hypothetical rebrand for the company Coffee Guru which centred around making a contemporary logo and colour palette. I chose a teal to stand out from the browns of other cafes. The leaf logo is derived from the patterns drawn on their coffees.