Megan Baldwin

Megan Baldwin

As a visual communication graduate I am leaving with a strong passion for graphic design; specifically branding and illustration. Graphic design appeals to me because I love that it’s a process of solving puzzles that have so many different solutions. The fact that you can get paid to do this and work creatively is awesome!

Whilst studying design, what is the most significant thing you have learnt?

Throughout my studies I found the most valuable lesson was to “Start, fail, learn and repeat until successful”. This has always reminded me to keep working hard because there is always something positive to be gained regardless of the outcome.

What’s your next destination/place you want to visit?

This degree has given me a solid understanding of how to best go about solving design problems and has exposed me to so many new skills and great designers. I would love to work in the United Kingdom or in Newcastle, but my goals are to keep creating and learning and see where this takes me.





Euro Patisserie:

The hypothetical rebrand of a local cafe. The focus was on creating a fun, yet modern and classic visual identity that conveyed the creative and relaxed atmosphere of the cafe.



Risograph Print:

A 3-colour risograph print that depicted the lyrics of a song. I chose “I travel the world and the seven seas” of “Sweet Dreams” by the Eurythmics. My concept was to draw on the sense of adventure of the lyrics and the visuals associated with pirate culture.




An online “Borrowing Boutique” which offers a sustainable way of recycling formal wear. The site would function as a rental, buying and swap store targeting towards 16-25 yr old women. Styling, fashion blogs and user profiles are incorporated to offer a modern take on sustainable shopping.