Lex McPherson

Lex Mcpherson

I started my degree in Visual Communications in 2011, and I haven’t looked back. Finding a career path that is rewarding, creative and motivates me to excel.

Through out my degree I have achieved success in various fields of photography and digital design. One of these being second place in the National ‘DG Magazine’ cover design completion in 2013.

I attended summer school at The Istituto Europeo di Design in Rome in 2013. There I expanded my skill sets and used this opportunity to network, share my ideas and expand my understanding of Design on an international level.

What’s your goal as a designer?

My passion lies in film photography and alternative printing processes. I have explored this with exhibitions at Watt space gallery and the Cooks Hill gallery in Newcastle.

What’s your next destination/place you want to visit?

Next stop after graduation is India for a 3 month volunteering position and an excuse to explore cities and countryside with my Canon AE-1 and as much film as I can carry.


Lex McPherson




2014 Annual Report – Data Visualization

A combination of typography, colour and line, this annual report is clean, simple and accessible. Focusing on three types of data visualizations: Data maps, Bar graphs & pie graphs, this report outlines my year in detail, right down to the decimal point.





Tourism Australia Print Campaign
Collaborated with Kate Cross & Brody Bain.

“Get your hands dirty! *Experience Australia” was designed to attract backpackers to come and enjoy Australia on a working holiday. The campaign showcases typical gap year jobs and shows them with the sense of humor Australians are renowned for.







Tipsy App – Human Centered Design

Unlike other navigational apps such as Google maps and Apple maps, Tipsy™ offers directions along with pre set destinations, reducing the need for thinking, and offering solutions to the three main impulses during a night out; hunger, thirst and then need for a taxi home.