Lauren Chock

Lauren Chock

Design has the power to create experiences, cause emotion and inspire change.

I have always loved art and design. Though my design studies, my passion for design has expanded to graphic design, interior design, photography and industrial design.

What is your goal as a designer?

As a newly graduated graphic designer, my aim is to work in a fast paced, creative environment where I am

continuously challenged by new projects. As a designer, I believe that I am always learning new and exciting things in an ever-changing industry, which is why I am forever seeking new challenges to match my drive, ambition and desire to create.

Where do you feel inspired?
Inspiration usually finds me (or I chase it) through my travels. I believe that it has to do with design being universal. Whether I am exploring the diversity of cultures and countries within the world or embracing a new experience, I find that my best ideas are discovered through my adventures.






Minute Details is a photography series that explores exposure and the idea that light captures the finer details within a photograph.


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Roof Patch is an urban rooftop-farming environment that encourages collaborative consumption within communities. Roof Patch harvests fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs on the rooftops of inner-city buildings, providing the community with accessible produce. Roof Patch also benefits society through utilizing wasted rooftops, minimizing energy consumption and increasing biodiversity.