Lachlan Kevin Jordan

Lachlan Jordan

I am a creative thinker and a creative person whose career goal is to utilise my knowledge and skills in a creative profession that is enjoyable and personally satisfying.

My interests are in photography, illustration, advertising and branding.

Where do you feel inspired?

I am constantly inspired by other creative people and creative designs. This inspiration can come from a magazine, a billboard, the internet, television or even packaging.

What’s your goal as a designer?

After graduation I intend to become a freelance designer, unless presented with a situation that allows me to work within a creative agency. I am open to any possibility that I am presented with in the future, so long as I can continue being creative, I will be happy.



Mobile: 0400786066


‘Insider Trading’
Studio Photography / / Create Four portraits around a common theme

This is one photograph from a series of Four I produced around the theme Insider Trading. Taken inside the Studio at The University of Newcastle using their equipment and my own Personal DSLR Camera. (Canon 600D).



‘Newcastle Squash Association Logo’

The Newcastle Squash Association was looking for a fresh new logo design. This is one of the designs I submitted for their consideration



‘Cool Cats Jazz Club’
Photography // Layout Design

One part of a larger project this is a poster / flyer design to advertise a fictional event for a fictional Jazz Club called Cool Cats.



‘Popcorn DL Brochure’
Photography // Logo Design // Layout Design

The brief asked for a DL Brochure design on a subject the designer enjoyed. I chose going to the Cinemas.

‘The Dave Wells Band’

Maitland Band ‘The Dave Wells Band’ came to me and said that they were looking for a logo design that could brand their Band. They were after something clean and stylish to be used on posters, Facebook and other marketing material.



‘Clouds of Fire’
Digital Photography

Panorama of a recent Sunrise I photographed in Crescent Head, NSW Australia.


‘Port 5’
Digital Photography // Street Photography

Photograph taken on a trip to Sydney