Kotchakorn Taisanthiah

Kookai K

I was born in Thailand and brought up here in Australia; since I was a child I have always been interested in design, art and crafts. Creating handmade objects has always been my passion, I love the feeling of being able to touch, hold and look my own creations from different angles. My main interest is ancient history, different traditions and cultures; so within my own design work, I would add hidden messages and meanings behind it.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

Throughout my schooling, art and ancient history were my major interests. The reason I have decided to study Visual Communication is become more diverse and challenge myself.


Where do you feel inspired? What’s your goal as designer?

My inspiration comes from different places, different people and across all fields design and art. My goals as a designer is to be able inspire other people and to be as creative as possible.








This was a self-portrait project the aim was to create a window into our views of life and how we change. The series is combine of 10 self-portraits depicting the changes we go through life birth, growth, studies, work, marriage and death, these photographs each depict those changes.

Taisanthiah_Kotchakorn_website_4 Taisanthiah_Kotchakorn_website_3 Taisanthiah_Kotchakorn_website_2 Taisanthiah_Kotchakorn_website_1

This project was an awareness campaign to raise awareness and educated people about unethical clothing of what effect it has on the workers. This campaign is to educate the audience to be apart of the change and stopping the manufacturing of unethical and do the right thing by the people.