Kerri Langford

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The Visual Communication and Design degree has led me to develop a range of skills; I have seen my drawing ability improve greatly over the last three years and it has meant illustration has become that much more of an enjoyable task. To compliment this, my second most favoured medium is creating images using vector programs because of the swift execution and precision they allow. In addition to illustration, document layout and colour scheme design are two invaluable skills that I have progressed in hugely and which I am continuing to develop. Overall, when I look back at the first few designs I created in this degree and compare it with my most recent I am thrilled with how much I have improved and can’t wait to see what my next design problem teaches me.

Where do you feel inspired? What’s your goal as designer?

I often gain inspiration from media I have consumed be it TV, books, movies or cartoons but I think the saying ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention.’ most aptly describes what drives my creativity. I can create without external direction but I am most productive when I have a problem that directs and shapes my creative process. My goal as a designer is to one day make things that are ‘worth writing home about’.

The most significant thing learned whilst studying design:

Whilst studying design the most significant thing I have learnt about myself as a designer is the need for greater confidence in my abilities and to invite more constructive criticism. The former had meant I would often shy away from design jobs that might take me slightly out of my comfort zone and risk possible disappointment, whilst the latter has meant I was often too precious with my work and avoided the frustration of finding out I have communicated something entirely different than intended. Together, I feel these two abilities form a crucial part of any person’s ability to grow in whatever creative field they may work in.











Park Life was a project that aimed to create a local tourism brochure. I chose to focus on local parksin an around Newcastle, as a relative novice with a camera the photography aspect of Park Life really pushed my photography skills to their limit.