Kent Spencer

Kent Spencer

I once read that if the world were to suddenly stop spinning and come to a complete halt, everything would suddenly be flung in a chaotic mess at more than one-thousand miles per hour. Personally I find it hard to fathom when an event like this would ever occur, and yet I still liken this to my own understanding of my own personal growth. I like to be constantly inspired by things happening in this world and learn through various opportunities granted by creative outlets, so that I may never have to put a halt on my own creative tornado.

And if there happens to be times where I do pause, my ultimate goal would be to look back and be proud of the trail that I had once learnt from and the [hopefully] not-so chaotic mess left behind.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I always liked experimenting in ways to express creativity, and this course allowed me to explore this digitally. I knew nothing about Adobe when I first started, and it’s through this course where I would like to find employment where I can simply just continue to learn more.

Where do you feel inspired? What’s your goal as designer?

I feel most inspired wandering around large cities, watching people go by, knowing that each person has a story to tell. My goal as a designer is to constantly be inspired and learn new skills, then pass on what I know to someone else.



Various Logo Designs
Digital mock-ups of various logo concepts.


Digital Typographic Image
Picture 1 of 4 in series experimenting with Photoshop layer styles and filters. Composed of both digitally created elements and original photograph with the idea to contrast high gloss 3D created letters with photographs of graffiti or textured walls.


Simple Vector Art Poster

Simple vector poster experimenting with geometric shapes and vector linework. Influenced by retro graphics and pastel bicycle colours 1960-80s.


Typographic Risograph Print
Two tone risograph print based on song lyrics. Experimenting on minute detail and different approaches to vector linework.


Fitness Application Branding, Design and Mock-Up
Branding design and mobile application design for a fictional health, fitness and wellbeing app. Based on IOS 8 icons and simplicity with the aim to track user goals and provide suggestions and feedback in real time.


Responsive Branding and Shopping Website
Responsive website design for a fictional clothing Identity, Morte&Tonic.
Target audience adolescence and young adults. Based on 12 column grid.