Kayla Tenielle Gourlay

Kayla Gourley

To me design is the propagation of solutions. I am drawn to it by an endless determination to strive for improvement. I find great solace in helping others by forging connections and pioneering new pathways in a world that is transient and constantly morphing.

An early addiction to cartoons and Jurassic Park spurred my love for creativity, history and science. Brief exposure to archaeological illustration escalated my creative curiosity leading me to enroll in design at Newcastle during which my interest in illustration increased, moving from a traditional to digital sphere and growing to encompass flat design trends and bold colour harmonies.

Where are you heading from here as graduate of visual communication design?

It is my dream to become a polymath designer who moonlights across the globe.

How far do you travel each week to/from university (km)?

I travel roughly eleven hours to and from university each week, seventy kilometres each way by train and/or car.







The Chubby Chicken
Rebrand concept for Central Coast eatery, The Chubby Chicken. The small business lacked cohesive branding for its takeaway and catering. This logo and associated collateral depicts the store’s quaint nature through its use of a hand-drawn sans serif font.




The Salty Sailor

Brand identity design for conceptual business, The Salty Sailor, a beachside take-away store with casual dining. A navy colour palette, looped script and subtle symbolism reflect the nautical
theme appropriate to the coastal setting of the enterprise.