Kate Cross

Kate Cross #2

Visual Communication = creativity + problem solving.

Some people collect stamps, shoes, some people buy cars or home wares; I obsessive over art and design (and books). Swiss Design was my very first love affair with its clean lines, white space and bold geometric shapes, leading me to fall again, for its modernist and constructive roots. From then on I was hooked. My current affair is with experimental design and with designers and studios that consistently push the boundaries and preconceptions of what contemporary design is.

Where do you feel inspired? What’s your goal as designer?

Art is always a constant for creative inspiration. Subjective and diverse art allows me to think beyond the commercial or obvious.

What’s your next destination/place you want to visit?

Back to India. Intoxicating, overwhelming and surreal, this beautiful country allowed me to experience a world outside my own. From the busy busting streets of Mumbai to the paradise of beachside Gao; travelling through this country invigorates and entices my creative spirit.










Creativity and life are always in a constant state of flux. Empirical, chaotic at times and a constant juxtaposition of moods and experiences. Enter // Exit details pieces of my life through
experimental mix media infographics.