Jonathon Rossi

Jono Rossi

I am passionate about photography, the digital darkroom and photo media. I also really enjoy producing computer generated imagery for both print and motion.

Whilst studying design, what is the most significant thing you have learned?

During my studies I have focused more and more on motion graphics and in particular on animation techniques. I think the biggest attraction to animation as an artist or creative is in that it gives you the power to produce the impossible, it’s a little like magic and you’re the magician bringing your imagination to life.

Where are you heading from here as a graduate of visual communication design?

As a designer I am enthusiastic about problem solving and I find great satisfaction in the realisation of exciting new solutions using many different mediums. After graduation I hope to continue down a path in motion graphics and I am really excited by the possibilities.










The Exorcist // Movie Title Sequence
The brief for this project involved the creation of an animated
movie title sequence for a modern day remake of the 1973 film
The Exorcist. The project created an interesting challenge in
that it was constrained by the use of only Adobe Flash.