Jess Codrington

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Studying Honours, I found what I love most about design – that it has the ability to draw from many different industries. The fun part is using this knowledge in a universal way to communicate the message, delivering it in a creative way. The project I chose to immerse myself in this year has been to design the layout of a narrative, within a novel form.

Whilst studying design, what is the most significant thing you have learned?

Having been on the journey of learning design for four years now, I have had many a revelation of what design is and what it’s about. My honours year however has been more significant than any other; I’ve learnt the value of research and how important reader’s expectations are. Forms of communication are constantly being updated and challenged through research, it is only by keeping this in mind that we as designers can be forward thinkers.


Where are you heading from here as graduate of visual communication design?

I hope to one day get into the literary world of book design.







This novel project is about challenging reader’s expectations. The outcome of reading it relies on the reader’s own construction of meaning, which is created through the treatment of type, image and illustration.

Ultimately, it is about pushing the reader outside of where they would usually venture, creating a different experience.