Hollie Newman

Holly Newman

In 2012 I started studying Visual Communication and Design and my world completely transformed. Studying Design has helped me find myself and grow into an aspiring creative.

Where do you feel most inspired?

I spend most of my time behind my camera, capturing the small things and those moments in time that often go unnoticed in our busy lives. I see photography and design as a catalyst to influence the world for the better, as a voice for those who are not able to speak for themselves. Conservation is very close to my heart and I want to be able to change to world for the better.

Where are you heading from here as a recent graduate of visual communication design?

My friend, Adriana and I have recently started our own design studio called Chroma. We have big dreams for it and hope that together, we can captivate, inspire and bring happiness to others by bringing creativity to life!









Great White Shack

This awareness campaign was fuelled by my passion for Sharks and conservation. The Great White Shack would essentially be a beach hut that is stationed at all major tourist beaches. Its aim is to encourage people to be Shark Safe. It’s all about changing people’s perception of Sharks, as they should be respected, not feared. As well as protecting people it is also largely about protecting Sharks, making the public aware of the numerous threats that face these
magnificent creatures. Through education and awareness I believe it is possible for humans and sharks to live harmoniously together.


These mischievous little baby Raptors were created to bring smiles all round. Dinosaurs have always captured my imagination and I loved bringing these little guys to life! I wanted to capture their cheeky characteristics and the relationship between siblings.