Finbah Neill

Finbah Neil

At the core of almost all my design work is a passion for the relationships between written and visual language. This area is vast and varied and every aspect is a different challenge to adapt to and thrive in. Some of my key focuses are; type as graphic form, layout as support and accentuation of text, visualisation of written description, visual interpretation of implied imagery in text, and communication without words.

Communication, be it written, verbal or visual, is central to everything we do and I produce comics, illustration and design to communicate.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

Initially it was because I needed a visually creative career and the purpose and direction of design suited me. But now I feel I’m studying because the need to collaborate and communicate visually is fundamental to me and my life.

How far have you travelled?

Distance from city of birth (Dubbo) to hometown (Grafton): 708 km

Distance from Grafton to Newcastle: 475 km

Distance from home in Newcastle to University of Newcastle: 7 km





The Grapple Annual No. 1

An annual of writing, art, and comics. Each piece relating, in some way, to a date of the Gregorian calendar. I worked closely with the editor, Duncan Felton, to devise all design, layout, and typesetting for the annual.