Emily Frame

Emily Frame

As a person I can’t resist a good story, and I believe it’s my responsibility as a designer to bring those ideas, beliefs and information from an ambiguous message to full clarity and apprehension. I choose to study design as it seamlessly merges my love of art with my aptitude for business.

Where are you heading?

As a graduate I hope to move into a team environment or into a company. As it would benefit my career to continue learning and evolving as a designer, as I would be learning from those that have succeeded in my chosen profession.

What’s your next destination you want to visit?

Scotland; to visit the magnificent castles, rolling green hills and magical sets and studios from famous movies.


Personal Info graphic

This project incorporated over 20 mini Info-graphics concerning Mind, Body and Soul. I improved and perfected my use of Illustrator and InDesign to seamlessly merge all aspects of my life into an A5 landscape booklet, that proved essential in learning Pre-flight and alternate printing options.



Bathers Way Tourism Booklet

This project aims to successfully portray the beauty, serenity and majestic coastline of the Hunter Region. Layout, photography and type merge to create and open, clean and organic lifestyle connotations of the Bathers Way Walking trail.




Studio Photography

This project was undertaken with the intention of creating appropriate studio based imagery for Rolling Stone magazine. The intention was to convey deeply personal and meaningful lyrics of soft rock music through lighting, expression and styling.