Elsa Shiu Cin Chan

In my years of study I’ve found that I am most happy illustrating or photographing my imagined scenes or characters. With my illustrations I can depict worlds with different rules, bend reality and get my point across. In photography I’ve found my niche with portrait photography whether it is in the studio or the street; of my photos I’m always drawn to the ones that have that personal human element. The ability to control what is being revealed in a photo draws me towards creating images that you wouldn’t normally see with the naked eye. In the end my drawing supplements my photos and my photos supplement my drawing.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I can’t see myself not being creative. If I’m not drawing or taking photos; I’m creating acts and characters for circus shows.

Where do you prefer to work?

Home in front of my computer cross legged in my chair possibly with an audio book playing in the background.




Hypothetical promotional poster for circus training classes.
We were to take a creative date and promote what we did.
There were no active advertising for the adult circus sessions for
“Avalon Circus Academy” so that inspired me to make some.


Illustrative poster design for “Tide” cleaning products, using the slogan; “Get dirty.”


Logo and business cards made for a small Newcastle business “Tangles & Bec Fire Toys” (published).


Portrait photography in a studio.


Posters from a campaign design for “Take 3 for the Sea.” Promoting putting rubbish in the bin before you leave a public area.


An image from a series of light painted photos titled “multiFACEted.”
To explore people split by the aspects in one’s life.