Ellyse McWilliam

Elyse Marx

My design fields of interest include, but are not limited to: graphic design, illustration, web design, photography, surface design, wedding and interior styling.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I also have a huge passion for the screen, namely in acting, writing, costume and prop design. *I have completed Certificate III’s in Entertainment and TV, Film and Radio, as well as a Diploma in Interior Styling, but was ultimately left unfulfilled – until I found Newcastle University’s Bachelor of Visual Communication Design. I hope to turn all of my studies into an amazing career!*

Where have your studies taken you?

My Bachelor studies have also taken me overseas. In semester two 2013, I went to Western Washington University in the United States, which was an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. Mid-semester break of 2014 will take me on an iLead volunteering experience at my sisters Elephant Sanctuary, BEES in Northern Thailand. To say I have made the most of my university experience is an understatement!


Marx on Paper




Tourism Australia Campaign
The “It’s Your Gap Year” Tourism Australia Campaign targets young international visitors using a broader ‘gap year’ concept: study, work and travel. I completed the project alongside Kerri Langford and Rhiannon Tibbey-Tiedeman, using original photography and the Adobe Photoshop software.



Local Company Website Redesign

Scratchley’s On The Wharf is a popular restaurant on Newcastle’s foreshore. This project involved redesigning an existing company’s website for both desktop and mobile platforms. Scratchley’s had a very outdated and difficult website to use that didn’t cater to mobile devices. My redesign helped to address issues of usability, aesthetic and accessibility.


IREIT Branding and Newsletter

The Indigenous Real Estate Investment Trust is a department of the Indigenous Business Australia branch of government. The initial branding was given to Atelier Artefact whilst I was on my placement with them. I worked on hypothetical concepts as the owner/designer worked on the real project. This logo and magazine/newsletter cover is part of a larger package of print and digital elements.


Hypothetical Website Design for Tea Company

“Magnolia Tea and Spice Co” is a hypothetical tea and spice company in the United States. This project was constructed using Adobe Illustrator and completed on my exchange to Western Washington University in 2013.



Pooling (Conceptual Photography)

“DeJa Vu” and “We All Make Love” are images produced for a conceptual photographic series. The brief called on the seamless merging of digital and analogue photographical techniques. The original images were taken at the Vancouver Aquarium on my university exchange in 2013.