Brody Bain

Brodie Bain


For me, studying Visual Communications at University has given me the opportunity to be creative while also exploring and learning many different areas that I previously had never thought about. Photography, typography and web design have become strong passions of mine since. I am a very passionate person and I believe this is conveyed through the works that I produce and my strong work ethic.
What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

I wanted to start a career that would allow me to be creative, but would also challenge me. The diversity of the degree has also allowed me to explore many areas and expand my knowledge of what a designer actually is.


Where are you heading from here as a graduate of Visual Communication Design?

I am very excited to get involved in the industry and start expanding my portfolio of works and skills!


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A visual representation of my life shown through info graphics, typography and photography.








A creative and experimental magazine showcasing design, photography, art and fashion.