Brett Raymond McDonald

Brett McDonald

Design for me is about a relationship between expression and communication. I have always had a strong passion for visual expression and communication, and design allows me to do this over a wide gamut of visual languages that can each shape messages in their own unique way.

Through my study of visual communication I have found a true passion for layout design and identity construction, where a wide range of elements help form the visual language.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

Studying visual communication was a means of exploring a means of expression and communication. It has allowed me to develop and refine a voice that allows me to explore, express and communicate across a wide range of platforms.

Where are you heading from here as a graduate of visual communication design?

As a graduate I want to explore design and its tactile form within the print industry. I want to use this passion to use design to help contribute and shape the visual language of industries that I am passionate about.





FLUXCLUB – Print Magazine
A print publication focusing on documenting and celebrating the spirit of
creativity that is associated with the ocean. The publication is a means
for sharing creativity through the content, and how in fact the content
is delivered. FLUXCLUB is currently produced in a quarterly fashion.




The client had called for a redesign of their current logo. The logo
redesign is centered on the aspect of bounce and rebound that
is a prominent within the sport. To keep the design simple and
effective, the design works with a single primary color but can be
adapted to easily work with other color schemes if need be.




AM STUDIO – Identity Rebrand
The brief called for a redesign of their architectural design brand focusing
on relationships within residential living. The client had instructed that
their initials “AM” be included within the brand identity as a logotype. The
identity has been structured around this logotype with relationship between
the color of black and white as a reference between people and design.