Anna Monique Thomas

Anna Thomas

My interest in design and illustration has stemmed from being surrounded by creative people during my childhood. Over the past two years I have produced commissioned drawings for clients.

Where do you feel inspired?

When illustrating and producing designs, I find myself most productive in a busy café environment. Here I gain inspiration in the people, sounds and atmosphere. Other inspirations include a number of design magazines such as ‘The Smith Journal’, ‘Frankie’ and ‘Yen magazine’. I have enjoyed experiencing Newcastle’s unique character however I aspire to travel and gain a larger knowledge of design in other cultures.

Where are you heading from here as a graduate of visual communication design?

In terms of an occupation within the design industry my ambition would be directed towards working with a magazine, advertising agency or as a freelance designer. It would be an honor to work in such a field that I am so passionate about.




This was a project given to us by the university where we were asked to create a data booklet on subjects of our choice. This was to be presented in a visual way using only two colours.



This assignment asked us to create a thank you Christmas card for donors supporting the university of Newcastle. Here I illustrated elf ears and a hat incorporating type to form one image.




During my time at University I designed magazine covers and website layouts which allowed online users to generate their own style of a magazine and include five different categories. They would then be sent the magazine in the mail as their own personalized issue for the month. I called this ‘One magazine’.



These images contain my illustrative work using black pen. They are some of the works I have enjoyed doing in my spare time. Here they are shown in a magazine Keegan Cronin produced.