Amelia-Clare Gould

Amelia Gould

I have always been a creative person; who has a keen eye for little details, patterns and a natural flare for bringing ideas and styles together. 2011 saw the beginning of a new era of art within me, once I began the Visual Communication degree. The four years that have followed saw me trial and error new styles, opportunities and techniques; that have given me the ability to see the world around me with fresh eyes. Today, I have become more passionate about my skills as a photographer and painter then I ever thought possible.

Where are you heading from here as graduate of visual communication design? 

My career goal is to be financially stable and still find a way to combine all my passions within the creative and academic fields. After graduation I hope to undertake and graduate from degree number two thus combining my two great loves; design and medicine.

What’s your next destination/place you want to visit?   

I want to go to Canada/Iceland/Finland and lie underneath the night sky as it is being lit up by an Aurora Borealis. I want to experience the majesty of spirits of all who lived before as they shine down upon me, bathing me in the light of ethereal colours.



The Turtle

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 was created on Archers watercolour paper with Derwent watercolour pencils and watercolour paints. The point of the piece was trying to capture to turtles birth with as detail to the animal as possible.


”Flower Ballerina”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 was created on Windsor newton drawing paper using Derwent watercolour pencils and paints, a HB pencils, Pen, Ink and most importantly cut flowers. The idea behind this piece was to combine art and nature and create a 2D sculpture.


“My Thoughts and I”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 was created on Windsor newton drawing paper, pen and ink. I am a highly detailed artist; this piece was to show how my brain works out its artist patterns by creating a pattern of its own.


“The Jasmine Pattern Dress”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 is also a part of the same much larger collection not shown here. Completed using a similar process as “The Pattern Dress”. The Idea behind the collection
was to relive my childhood were I would make dresses out of flower petals.


“The Pattern Dress”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 is part of a much larger collection not shown here. First off I used watercolour paints and painted some colour onto Windsor newton drawing paper then gathered some flowers and took so photographs. From there I had the images printed and I cute of the out lines of some dress and drew in models and other dress designs using pen, ink and water colour pencils. From there I added more flowers and the final result is the on you see before you.


“The Wedding Dress Design”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 was created on Windsor newton drawing paper, pen and ink. Is a finished classic wedding dress design used to showcase my skills as a bridal
designer; this is a strapless trumpet style gown with a demure veil.


“The Heart Diagram”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 using pen, ink, and a HB pencil on Windsor Newton Drawing Paper. I included this piece in this collection as it shows another side to my Art and my love of the medical profession.


“My Self Portrait”

by Amelia Gould completed in 2014 was created on canvas using a HB pencil, pen and ink. The
idea behind this piece was to simplify my other attempts to draw myself and create something that looks like me.