Alana Tomlin

Alana Tomlin

As a child who would spend all of my time sketching whatever my imagination created, little has changed since then. I have always possessed a deep passion for illustration and design. My work often reflects inspiration from my interests in both horror-monster movies and Japanese art. I enjoy working digitally, along with other mediums such as pigment liners on paper and ink painting. My journey both as a student and a designer has seen me working with a number of incredible clients with my work displayed in a range of exhibitions. In honours, my study specialises in branding and graphic apparel while exploring audience behavior by using persona characteristics. My project aims to discover the effectiveness of brand identity and branding strategies, while promoting a charitable cause (animal rights) through apparel. My work is also targeted to 18- 25 year olds within Generation Y.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

As my passions have always been in this field, I couldn’t imagine doing anything else with my life and I wanted to peruse as much knowledge as possible.

What’s your next destination/ place you want to visit?

Japan! I am going next year and am intending to soak up as much culture and inspiration as possible.











Created from the belief that all humans and non-human animals are connected; One encourages equality amongst all living creatures. It aims to raise awareness on multiple causes while supporting charities by donating funding raised through sales. Garments for both activists and non-activists, One spreads the message of universal acceptance and understanding.