Aksara Harriram

Aksara Harriem

Where are you heading from here as a recent graduate of visual communication design?

By travelling wherever my job takes me I am hoping to expand my knowledge in all facets of design. I predominantly want to specialise in illustration and animation. However, I have interest in graphic design, audiovisual design, and designing brand identities.

What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

The need to learn more about art and design has always been a passion of mine. This creative interest is a bridge between art and design and as a result has been advantageous to my creative process. Having studied a bachelor of fine art and honours in natural history illustration it seemed almost natural to make the shift into visual communication design. Studying this particular degree has facilitated my personal growth in the arts applying all my free form art processes into a more structured digital, practical application. To be able to communicate my ideas through design and artistic sensibilities, changing and shaping peoples understanding of the world is my current objective.

Design rules I live by:

A plan, structure and whimsy are my approaches to design. Always have a backup plan for any brief given as first ideas don’t always turn out as expected.





The data visualisation booklet is an illustrated timeline of the life of me,
Aksara Harriram.
It details events and experiences that have occurred in my life’s journey as a traveller.
Beyond that, it expresses future ambitions and aspirations as it slowly
moves off the page into what is yet to come.




This is a brand identity for a small Newcastle business Hunter Educational Coaching
which is a company seeking to assist people in understanding
their wants, why they want it and then establish an action plan.
Their expertise helps facilitate people in pursuing their pathways and
take control of their destiny.




This title sequence illustrates a dynamic expression of a classic movie entitled ‘Vertigo’.
In its duration as a movie teaser this title sequence gives a little
insight into this oblique movie plot. With an impactful colour scheme
it lends to the prolific narrative.