Abbey Lindgren

Abbey Lingren

Having completed my Bachelor of Visual Communication Design, I can now see design in everything I do. Not only is it a means of conveying a message, but also through my designs I feel I am represented as an individual. What started as just enjoying creating mood boards and perusing blogs has now snowballed into a genuine love for design in every form, my interests being in illustration, photography and data visualization.


What was the reason for you to study visual communication?

After initially studying commerce, I found myself unfulfilled within that degree. By chance I found Visual Communication Design in a course listing and haven’t looked back since. I feel much more comfortable in a creative field and communicating visually is a passion of mine.


How far do you travel each week to/from university?

I travel for about 15-20 minutes each day (depending on traffic),. A one way trip is 7.8km.









Illustrative Perfume Campaigns
For my illustration course I focused on fashion illustration, as that is a passion of
mine. I’m still developing my skills as an illustrator, but these are some of my
favourite illustrations to date. The aim was to advertise a new range of perfumes.






Makeup Photo Shoot
For this assignment, we were paired up with local makeup artists and were given free reign on experimenting with composition and lighting. Having not used low-key lighting much before that was my focus.